We offer a full service, from design consultation to survey and installation. Meaning you can now offer blinds and earn revenue, without having to sell, measure or install.
How does it work?
  • Sign up as an Affiliate.
  • You will receive an Affiliate pack full of materials to help open the conversation about blinds with your clients.
  • Whenever you identify an opportunity for blinds in your client’s property, bring in the experts.
  • They will organise a design consultation at a time that suits your client.
  • The Design Consultant will visit your client and prepare a quote for them directly.
  • The Design Consultant will liaise with you throughout the process.
  • Once installed, a referral commission based upon the order value is paid to you.
What are the benefits to you?
  • An additional revenue stream - receive attractive referral commission on every order.
  • Widen your portfolio of products that you can offer - resulting in added value and happier clients.
  • To utilise our expertise and skills to find the right solution for your clients’ needs.
  • To take time and risk away from you.
  • Ongoing support including: Affiliate Pack and Technical support.
What are the benefits to your clients?
  • Wide range of blinds including the latest powered solutions for the smart home.
  • 10% complimentary discount for your client.
  • Finance options for your client.
  • Access to a network of expert Design Consultants and installers.
  • 5-year guarantee on products from a UK manufacturer.

Also, helpful material & product reminders for you, your staff and your clients – Digital copies of brochures, Window Recommendation guide, case studies and videos

For more information or to request a support slot contact:


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