Gira G1: The Facts

The Gira G1 release has been highly anticipated due to its sleek design, function flexibility, adaptive display and extensive features.

At KNX Store we can tell when a new product is going to be a game changer and the Gira G1 falls into this category. With its sleek design, and is the ideal addition to any residential, commercial or industrial KNX system.

The Gira G1 is available in 3 versions, 1) 24V, 2) 230V and 3) POE allowing power to be supplied from the KNX cable or a close by 230V power supply in existing installations. The G1 is available in black and white gloss Through its multifunctionality the Gira G1 can be used as a:

  • Room Operating Device
  • Room Temperature Controller
  • Home Station Video for Door communication integration
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