KNX for: A Developer

In today’s world, technology in home, office and hospitality settings is becoming more important and sought after. With the vast array of choice on the market in terms of function and cost it is sometimes difficult to know which way to look, especially when it comes to the ‘Smart Home’. Often it is easy to look at the quick fix or quirky options available there but ultimately, installing a professional Smart Home system can provide many benefits if chosen correctly.

Drawing from the technological advancements already seen within the automotive industry consumer demand for ease-of-use technology to maximise user experience is now common practice. The comparable levels of control are already available within the home and building control sectors and the beauty of using KNX is that there is a substantial wealth of professionals around the world capable of producing and maintaining tailored control systems. At My KNX Store we have access to a network of industry leading KNX integrators throughout the UK who, in partnership, can assist at all stages of a project.

Benefits of KNX:

The KNX protocol boasts a 30+ year pedigree and has held an influential position in driving the development of home and building control solutions during that time. Rather than a single branded system, KNX is an open protocol supported by over 500 certified manufacturers globally. This not only provides an unparalleled level of control possibilities and product choice but also the safeguard that a tailored, robust and futureproof system can be specified. KNX provides a base system infrastructure whereby all home and building functions can be integrated and controlled within one control interface via a collection of keypad, thermostat, touchscreen and app devices.

This includes functions such as lighting, blinds, zonal heating and colling, door entry, secure app control, geofencing, voice commands (including Amazon Alexa, Siri and Goggle Home), white-goods integration, music services such as Sonos and so much more. All of which can be tailored to the needs and preferences of the client and/or building and easily adapted if the requirements change in the future. This level of adaptability and scalability allows a KNX control system to be available to all, not just high nett worth individuals.

Design Flexibility:

Choosing KNX as the base control system in your developments gives buyers the ultimate control system with the maximum choice for upgrades, either within the initial project build or independently in years to come. Drawing from over 500 certified KNX manufacturers the collective product portfolio drastically surpasses any other control system in the market. All of which are interoperable and cater for all building control requirements.

This not only assists with design flexibility and product choice for the client, but also allows the requirement level of control to be achieved in the most cost-effective manner. The collective benefit of the above allows you to offer smart home and building control solutions across a wide range of project types and budgets from a single studio apartment to large private dwellings or MDUs.

Are you interested in learning more about KNX or how it could benefit your offering / any upcoming project? Contact a member of the My KNX Store team today.