Jung F10 KNX Keypad Design Line

The Jung KNX portfolio includes a wide range of keypad designs from their new F10 pushbutton to their popular F40 and F50 ranges. The new JUNG KNX F10 keypad combines a classic switch design with all the benefits of multi-functional control which can be achieved with a KNX control system. This can be particularly advantageous when a client and/or building design needs advanced system control but a more traditional design solution is required.

The Jung F10 range also boasts KNX Data Secure communication maximising the programming encryption for a robust and stable system. Configuration options include Jung’s A, AS, CD and LS ranges providing seamless integration with their F40 and F50 keypad and thermostat offering providing a complete Jung control solution and a consistent design theme in all areas.


The classic design benefits of the F10 pushbutton are not only applied visually but also in the operability of the pushbutton with a user-friendly experience and personalised inscription options. In addition, with Standard, Universal and Extension variants the level required in each room or zone and can directly without specifying advanced functionality when it is not required.

Temperature Sensor:

The F10 pushbutton Universal variant includes an integrated temperature sensor which provides not only temperature data monitoring but also the triggering of a wide range of pre-programmed commands. The Universal variants also provides alarm signalling, lock function and HSV colour control.

Intuitive and versatile operation:

The button assignment of the new JUNG KNX F 10 pushbuttons can be completely customised. The standard and universal pushbuttons switch and dim lamps, control blinds and much more. In addition, their individual switching points can be assigned multiple times thanks to a sophisticated operating concept. In this way, they make particularly versatile control of the smart building possible.

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