Introducing the New Theben S64 & S128 Dali Gateways

With a scheduled launch later this month (02/2021) Theben set is add two further options to their KNX-Dali portfolio to complement the existing Dali-Gateway KNX Plus (THE9070929). Lighting control is a common and generally key requirement in any building control specification and Theben’s new offering will continue to expand the level of flexibility which can be achieved.

Dali-Gateway S64/128 KNX Key Features:

The new DALI-Gateway S64 KNX and DALI-Gateway S128 KNX allow control of 1 and 2 channels with 64 devices respectively achieving the required control more efficiently. The differing factor between the two new devices is that the S64 variant can control 64 Dali devices in 16 groups whereas the S128 gateway can control 2 x 64 devices in 16 groups. In addition, both are DALI-2 certified providing a stable and future-proof installation.

  • The DALI Gateway KNX serves as an interface between the DALI and the KNX system.
  • A maximum of 64 DALI members can be connected to a DALI output.
  • Control in 16 groups.
  • Colour light control with Device Type 8 (DT8) for 16 groups: Colour temperature, XY, RGB, HSV, RGBW.
  • Time-dependent colour control (also for human centric lighting applications).
  • Scene module for 16 scenes (including colour setting DT8).
  • Effects module for sequential controls (including colour setting DT8): Colour temperature, XY, RGB, HSV, RGBW.
  • Energy saving by switching off the electronic ballast power supply in the groups (communication object).
  • Easy replacement of ECGs in the event of an error.
  • Commissioning using the free ETS app (DCA).
  • DALI-Gateway S64 KNX for a maximum of 64 Dali devices
  • DALI-Gateway S128 KNX for a maximum of 128 Dali devices

Dali-Gateway KNX Plus Key Features:

The popular Theben Dali-Gateway KNX Plus, already available for purchase at My KNX Store, is a popular option for those looking to integrate Dali control within their KNX system. In addition to the standard functional capacity seen within this gateway it also boasts a LC display (2x 12 characters) for easy menu guidance during start-up and parameter settings.

Interested in learning more about the upcoming releases? Contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

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