Steinel make a quantum leap with the HPD2

The advanced parameters of the HPD2 results in a sensor that can count. How many people are present in a certain location, how many people are queuing next to an elevator door, how many people are sitting at a desk during a board meeting, is there a queue building at the checkout; this is all possible with Steinel’s HPD2.

There are an unlimited number of examples that show how important it will be to know more and more within a building. The right information is not only needed for interaction within the building automation, but also for the organisation and optimisation of processes. The HPD2 can deliver this information. reliably and precisely.

The HPD2 is all about information and analysis. With integrated temperature and air-humidity sensors it opens up a completely new range possibilities in building automation. Light, heating and air-conditioning can finally be controlled in line with demand for the number of people present in a room.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 156 x 86 x 52 mm
  • Power supply: KNX bus voltage + auxiliary voltage 18-57 V DC, 130 mA bus current
  • IP: Power over ethernet (PoE)
  • Sensor type: optical sensor
  • Angle of coverage: 110o
  • Reach: max. radius 10m
  • Twilight setting: 2 – 2000 lux
  • Time setting: 1 – 255 min

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