The new Enertex KNX 960 Version 2 Power Supply

The Enertex KNX 960 power supply has always been a popular choice for KNX systems since its initial launch and with the new release of the Version 2 Enertex has further expanded the capability of this device.

Key features of the Enertex KNX 960 Version 2 Power Supply include:

  • Remote reset function: Initiate a bus reset with a KNX group address via software
  • Integrated KNX real-time clock with group address for clock and date - power-failure buffered (max. duration about 2.5 days)
  • New measurements: telegram load, bus voltage failures, AUX current
  • New limits and extreme values: telegram load, bus voltage, bus current, AUX current, power, temperature
  • Configurable C14 text messages for bus status
  • 8 full featured timers with 4 switching times and 4 group addresses each, including holiday calendar and astro-function

The central KNX power supply unit KNX Power Supply 960² (6MW) with integrated choke supplies the EIB/KNX bus with a stabilized DC voltage of 30 V DC, providing a current of 960 mA. The voltage input is 230 VAC (50 Hz) for mains voltage. In addition, the integrated display shows actual and maximum values for voltage, current and power. These measurements can be sent to the EIB/KNX bus via group objects.

The product comes with an USB-Garage, which represents a repository for customer-specific project data on an including USB Stick.

Product Characteristics:

  • KNX Power Supply Unit
  • Voltage input: 230 V AC (50Hz)
  • Output current: 960 mA
  • Integrated choke
  • DIN rail mount (dimension: 6 MW)
  • LEDs for operation, bus reset and programming mode
  • Integrated bus-connection with voltage and current measurement
  • Data output on KNX bus via group object and visible on integrated display
  • KNX objects for voltage, current and power measurements
  • Energy meter for energy consumption on the KNX bus
  • KNX alarm functions
  • Housing temperature measurement
  • maximum monitor directly on the LCD
  • AUX with 600mA additional output
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty

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