ETS License Launch: Home Edition

The KNX Association has recently launched a new ETS licence, ETS Home Edition, which is now available via the official website. The licence bridges the gap between the existing ETS Lite and ETS Professional licences and offers a lower entry price point for new KNX Partners along with benefits for the end-user.

Within the KNX protocol all certified KNX devices are programmed within the ETS software, with a handful of devices requiring additional software, including various touchscreens and severs. This provides a robust and stable platform suitable for all project types and sizes with options to copy and pasta project structures and device parameters, drastically reducing programming times for the integrator. All ETS licences are purchased via and involved a one of charge, there are no monthly and annual subscriptions. When a licence upgrade is released a nominal upgrade fee is required but in KNX’s 30+ year history we are currently operating on the fifth software version, which again shows the stability of the programming tool.

The two most commonly used ETS licences are ETS Lite and ETS Professional. ETS Lite (€200 ex vat) allows up to 20 devices to be programmed within a project with an unlimited project cap and caters for small projects or training purposes. ETS Professional (€1,000 ex vat) allows an unlimited number of devices to be programmed within a project with an unlimited project cap.

The ETS Home Edition licence has been developed with residential systems in mind and to sit in between the Lite and Professional licences. It allows up to 64 devices to be programmed within a project (including KNX Secure units) and includes a usage cap of one project per licence for €350 ex vat. This can be extremely beneficial for integrators and KNX Partners new to the KNX industry as projects can be programmed and commissioning at a much smaller entry point and licence costs can be priced per project. With the option to then move over to the ETS Professional licence if / when needed.

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