Gira G1 - SIP Client for Network Door Communication

A KNX control system provides a holistic platform whereby all core building functions, such as lighting, heating / cooling and blinds can be controlled, personalised and adapted to suit the requirements of each room, zone or area. Additional building functions, such as audio/visual and door entry, can also be easily integrated within the KNX platform.

The latter has particular benefits across residential, commercial and industrial settings with options for a wired or network-based installation. Examples include secure gate entry in in a home or adaptable room/floor entry in an office block with external audio or audio/video devices being linked to a central touchscreen or mobile app.

Larger door entry solutions in complex buildings infrastructures or multi-plot sites rely on a network-based system as a wired installation is either not suitable, practical or cost-effective. Communication in this manner can be achieved via various methods, including the network-based SIP protocol (session initiation protocol) which enables a communication link to be established between several devices. SIP is established as a technical communication standard in the field of door communication and is based on the server/client architecture. Multi-conversation mode and concierge function are frequently requested functions offered by this standard.

Gira G1 Touchscreen now available as a SIP client

The popular Gira G1 Touchscreen, which provides a central point of control for all native KNX functions, is now available as a SIP client which allows more than 62 video devices and multi-conversation modes to be included within the building platform. Designed to integrate seamlessly with third-party IP door stations, the Gira G1 SIP client currently supports systems from

providers, including Comelit, Schüco, and TCS. The benefits of this solution are not only in its installation flexibility but also in the front-end device choice on offer. The Gira G1’s double function means that this multi-functional touchscreen can be used as both a SIP home station and a KNX interface creating a cleaner building design and reducing ‘wall-acne’.

Key features

  • Client function for SIP systems from other manufacturers, e.g. Comelit, TCS, Schüco and 2N
  • Direct SIP calls or via registrar possible
  • Multi-conversation mode, e.g. for concierge function
  • Simultaneous communication in the case of multiple door stations
  • Internal calls possible, e.g. to the concierge or other Gira G1
  • Call-up door station with camera image
  • Choice of 12 different ring tones
  • Ring tone can be switched on and off
  • Door opener control via DTMF signals can be configured
  • Configuration via password-protected browser access
  • Support for upfront video image (early media)

Online Training

Gira offer direct online training on the G1 as a SIP client. For more information Click Here

For more information contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

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