Gira KNX Button Showcase

The Gira KNX Button provides an entry solution for KNX control systems. Boasting a simplistic design, the KNX button offers a wide array of finishes and both 1 and 2-gang variants available with plain or ‘with arrow symbol’ rockers. A great option for rooms / zones which have reduced functionality such a utility room / a child’s bedroom, or for a complete project specification which has a set budget to meet.

Switching, dimming, blind and scene control can be achieved along LED indicators, regulation of light colour, brightness and temperature and via the integrated temperature sensor measurement of room temperature. Due to the 55x55 dimensions the KNX Button caters for a range of frame options allowing design configurations to be tailored to the preferences of each client. In addition, the design atheistic also matches Gira’s popular Pushbutton Sensor 3 keypad and wiring accessories providing design continuity throughout if a combined specification is deployed.

Colour Variants:

  • Black matt
  • Cream white glossy
  • Pure white glossy
  • Pure white matt
  • Grey matt
  • Anthracite
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel

Key Features:

  • Integrated bus coupler and temperature sensor.
  • Rocker or button function can be set for each operating surface.
  • LED functions with various colour and brightness settings. (Parametrisation: always OFF, always ON, actuation display, telegram acknowledgement, status display, control with separate LED object, operating mode display, controller status display, presence status display and setpoint offset display).
  • Flexible frame configuration options.
  • Control of up to four functions possible using the button function of the KNX button.
  • Switching, dimming and colour temperature, colour control and brightness, blinds, value transmitter, scene auxiliary unit, two-channel operation and controller auxiliary unit.
  • Control of a room temperature controller (operating modes, presence function and setpoint offset).
  • KNX Secure
  • European and UK* installation (*subject to frame type and additional support ring)

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