Gira: Light & Build Product Releases
Following the postponement of Light & Build until September this year Gira has continued the scheduled launch of their new product releases. With the release of various new colour finishes, system updates and new design lines Gira once again advances the level of personalisation achievable within the building control sector.

Pushbutton Sensor 4 – A completely new sense of touch

The new Gira pushbutton Sensor 4 impresses with its high-quality, modern design, real materials and a pleasant feel, thanks to a 3 mm-thick material support. When activated, the pushbutton sensor also gives tactile feedback. In addition, it possesses an integrated temperature and humidity sensor, as well as a further connection for an external temperature sensor. The pushbutton Sensor 4 range is now available at My KNX Store.

  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Available with single, double and fourfold button assignment.
  • Connection for external sensors, e.g. for underfloor heating.
  • Prepared for KNX Secure.
  • Can be updated via Gira ETS Service app.
  • Delivery with start-up rocker for the construction phase.
  • LED with eight colour settings.
  • Can be individually inscribed via the Gira inscription service:
Colour finishes: (Colour finishes marked * are available from October 2020)
  • Black glass
  • White glass
  • Black aluminium
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze (PVD) *
  • Pure white glossy (varnished) *
  • Black matt (varnished) *
  • Grey matt (varnished) *
  • Pure white satin matt (varnished) *
  • Anthracite (varnished) *

For more information on the pushbutton Sensor 4 keypad Click Here

For more information on the pushbutton Sensor 4 rocker set Click Here For more information on the pushbutton Sensor 4 inscribable rocker set Click Here

New Colour Release – Esprit Bronze

The new frame version of the Gira Esprit Bronze (PVD) switch range gives rooms a particularly stylish accent. The warm colours and high-quality surface appearance fits with current design trends while retaining a timeless elegance.


  • An elegant look achieved using high-quality material.
  • PVD coating.
  • Can be combined with over 300 inserts in Gira System 55.

Scheduled release date: October 2020

New Colour Release – E2 & System 55 Grey Matt

The extension of the switch range Gira E2 to include the new colour grey matt offers even more design variety and creative freedom. The neutral hue and the matt surface provide subtle highlights, particularly in combination with puristic furnishing styles. In addition, the functional inserts of Gira System 55 are complemented by the colour grey matt to create a harmonious overall impression.


  • Gira E2 and Gira System 55 are being extended to include the new colour grey matt.
  • Over 200 functions of Gira System 55 available in grey matt.
  • Neutral, timeless colour.
  • Matt surface.
  • Can be smoothly integrated into sophisticated architecture and modern furnishing styles.

Scheduled release date: October 2020

Presence and Motion detection

KNX Mini Comfort Presence Detector

The Gira KNX Mini Comfort presence detector has been extended to include an integrated temperature sensor. This means that it cannot only regulate the light depending on the persons present in the room but can also measure the current room temperature itself and activate switching commands. The newly integrated temperature sensor in the Gira KNX Mini presence detector comfort or the Gira KNX button enables the reduction of devices in the room and therefore cost-effective room temperature control.


  • Integrated temperature sensor.
  • Intelligent assembly concept for installation, flush-mounted boxes and surface-mounted boxes.
  • Maximum detection quality, even with the smallest movements.
  • Large detection range (diameter approx. 12 m with 3 m installation height).
  • Low installation height (1.25 mm to the ceiling on the design ring).
  • Also suitable for outdoor use via IP44.

Scheduled release date: May 2020

Cube Motion Detector With the new Gira Cube motion detector, indoor and outdoor security is extended by modern technology. Available as a KNX version or as a conventional motion detector it monitors the property and automatically switches on the light depending on thermal motion and ambient brightness. An invisible covering panel can also adapt the detection range to the conditions of the property. The Cube motion detector range is now available at My KNX Store.


  • Automatically switches lighting on/off, depending on thermal motion and ambient brightness.
  • Clear, timeless design.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor ceiling mounting and wall installation.
  • Also available as a KNX version.
  • Easy assembly steps with flexible connection and assembly without tools.
  • Detection ranges selectable up to 120 or 240 degrees. Maximum range 16 m.
  • Non-visible covering panel for limiting the detection range.

For more information on the Cube Motion Detector Click Here

New colour finishes for the System 106 Door Communication System

With the modular Gira System 106, door intercom systems can be individually configured, adjusted to many different outer façades, or used as a design highlight. Gira are excited to launch two new colour finishes within this range, Black matt (aluminium) and Bronze (PVD), both scheduled to be released in October 2020.


  • Available in the colours stainless steel, aluminium and white, as well as in the new colours black matt (aluminium) and bronze (PVD).
  • Audio and video function for single family and multi-family houses.
  • Easy retrofitting thanks to 2-wire bus.
  • Can be individually combined with camera, intercom, door station, call button, info and display module.

Gira DCS Mobile – Personalised door communication

Whether you’re at home or away, the Gira DCS mobile App and the DCS IP Gateway let you see who is at in front of the door at any time and chat with your visitor via the App. In addition, Secure Data Access guarantees maximum security. Available now.


  • Image memory for storing up to 200 images.
  • Image can be created even without accepting the call (Early Media).
  • Simplified door opening with or without entering a PIN.
  • Quick installation via the DSC-IP gateway’s web browser.

X1 Software Update

Gira X1 is the KNX server for single-family houses. It is operated via smartphone, tablet, computer or the Gira G1. It is programmed and installed via the Gira Project Assistant (GPA), enabling quick and easy start-up. As of the software update, its scope of functions can also be extended by software packages from the Gira AppShop, which makes it suitable for larger buildings, as well.

Software Update Highlights:

  • The end user can sort and rename functions and rooms in the Gira Smart Home App.
  • The end user can change icons in the Gira Smart Home App.
  • The end user can extend the function clocks to include the Astro or Random functions in the Smart Home App.
  • Software packages for extending the scope of functions and data points are available in the Gira AppShop.
  • Smooth integration into the Sonos Home Sound System guaranteed by “Works with Sonos” certification.
  • Gira IoT service upgrade with Google Assistant voice control and the cloud-based IFTTT web service.

HomeServer Update

Gira HomeServer is the server for particularly sophisticated solutions in intelligent building technology. Software update 4.11 makes starting up the Gira HomeServer simpler and more efficient, as well as making operation more intuitive for the user. The new Logic online test allows you carry out live logic tests, saving a lot of programming time. The ground plan visualisation also offers new options with the intuitive and quick operation of QuadClient. From now on, Gira HomeServer also supports the secure communication standard, KNX Secure.

Software Update Highlights:

  • Gira HomeServer now supports the secure communication standard, KNX Secure.
  • Floorplan visualisation in QuadClient for intuitive and quick operation.
  • New editor for simple creation of floorplan visualisations.
  • Day/night switching with white interface for better daytime visibility and legibility.
  • Gira Iconset extended – over 600 symbols available for HomeServer visualisation.
  • New logic nodes for connection to the Gira Alarm Connect security system.
  • New logic online test enables logics to be tested live on the KNX bus.
  • Improved Gira Expert simplifies start-up with the option of searching for and filtering group addresses.
  • Smooth integration into the Sonos Home Sound System guaranteed by “Works with Sonos” certification.
  • Gira IoT service upgrade with Google Assistant voice control and the cloud-based IFTTT web service.

Scheduled release date: June 2020

Gira & IFTTT

The cloud-based web service IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. With the aid of simple If-Then rules, a variety of previously inaccessible devices from the IoT world and functions can communicate with each other via the IFTTT platform, enabling them to be integrated into and controlled in the Gira Smart Home. These devices and functions can be implemented by the end user himself. The Gira HomeServer and Gira X1 are now equipped with an IoT interface.


  • Functional extension of Gira X1 and Gira HomeServer to include the IFTTT interface. Encrypted portal connection via Gira S1.
  • Extension of the Gira Smart Home to include IoT devices.
  • The end customer can extend his Smart Home to include additional applications using simple If-Then functions.
  • IoT trigger functions must be defined and activated in advance by an electrician.

Gira G1 – with KNX Secure

Gira G1 not only controls the Smart Home at a central point, it also ensures increased data security as one of the first KNX operating devices. Thanks to KNX Secure, communication between the G1 and other KNX Secure-compliant devices, such as the KNX switching and blind actuators, is encrypted and tamper-proof.


  • Supports KNX Secure.
  • Central operating device for KNX,
  • Gira X1, Gira HomeServer, eNet, door communication, Alarm Connect security system.
  • Can be updated via Gira Project Assistant (GPA).

Scheduled release date: June 2020

Gira G1 – SIP Client

The SIP-compatible Gira G1 can be used as a home station in a network-based door communication system. This enables fully-fledged door communication in large properties in combination with a door station by e.g. Comelit, Schüco or TCS. This way the SIP door communication and the KNX function can be used simultaneously. Now available.


  • Client function for SIP systems by other manufacturers, such as Comelit, TCS, and Schüco.
  • SIP calls can be made directly or via registry.
  • Can be updated via Gira Project Assistant (GPA).
  • Multi-talk mode, e.g. for concierge function.
  • Image can also be created without accepting call.
  • Simultaneous communication for systems with several entrance doors.
  • Internal calls possible, e.g. to the concierge or another Gira G1.
  • Ring tone can be switched on or off (selection of 12 different tones).
  • Door opener control can be set by DTMF signals (SIP standard).
  • Parametrisation password-protected via browser access.

Gira Basic Pushbutton Range

The new Gira KNX button is a simple operating element that fits the Gira System 55 and is designed to sit below the Pushbutton Sensor 3 range providing scalable control across the Gira pushbutton portfolio for all budgets. It is particularly suitable for all projects where a KNX system is to be installed and traditional control elements used.


  • Available as a single and double button for two to four functions.
  • Integrated KNX bus coupler.
  • Integrated temperature sensor.
  • Rockers with different symbols available.
  • LED with three colour settings.
  • Supports KNX Secure.
  • Can be updated via Gira ETS Service App.
  • Affordable operating element that is particularly suitable for entry into private residential construction.
  • Can be used in public buildings, thanks to traditional operation and robust material.

Scheduled release date: October 2020

New actuator range for switching and blinds – Standard & Comfort

For the new KNX actuators, Gira is now offering a Standard and a Comfort version for the first time. The Standard version is particularly suitable for residential buildings when used with the Gira X1 and for commercial installations that require a large number of actuators with only basic functions. The focus here is on quick start-up and an economic channel price.

The Comfort version, on the other hand, is characterised by a maximum of functionality and flexibility. Thanks to the large scope of functions, many functions can be used directly in the actuator itself. This not only saves time and nerves, but also reduces the bus load. In addition, a few simple clicks in the ETS now suffice for the actuator itself to take over even complex functions securely and reliably. In addition, both versions have a new DRA wiring concept. The connection terminals are now located on both sides of the housing instead of on top of each other, as previously.


  • Available in three designs: 6(1/3(2)-gang, 16(1/8(2)-gang and 24(1/12(2)-gang, in a Standard and Comfort version in each case. (** Switching (1) or Blinds(2))
  • Easy connection by means of optimised terminal strip on both sides of the housing.
  • Can be updated via Gira ETS Service App.
  • Clear context assistance in the application program.
  • Quick and easy start-up by means of an improved, redesigned ETS application program.
  • Manual operation with intelligent status display.
  • Possible extension of the scene auxiliary unit to include 64 scenes in the Comfort version.

Scheduled release date: August 2020

Gira – KNX Secure

The more connected and digital our everyday life becomes, the greater is the need for protection against tampering and attacks on smart installations. That’s why Gira uses KNX Secure. On the one hand, this extends the KNX IP protocol to ensure reliable protection of transmitted data (KNX IP Secure). On the other hand, KNX Secure protects the classic KNX log by means of encryption and authentication.

The security mechanisms are already activated when the KNX system is started up in a protected manner via the ETS. Subsequently, during ongoing operation, data communication, e.g. between actuators and sensors, is effectively protected against unauthorised access, tampering and tapping. With this cross-brand standard, KNX Secure sets a new benchmark for data integrity, authentication, encryption and how up-to-date data is.
All Gira KNX Secure devices can be updated via the new Gira ETS Service App to include extended functions and security updates. Now available for selected Gira KNX devices.


  • Optimum security for the KNX installation.
  • Cross-brand standard offers interoperability with the KNX products offered by other manufacturers.
  • Optimum amount of security individually tailored for each system: the electrician decides which level of security to set.
  • Seamless combination of secure and non-secure communication can be set (even on one device).
Interested in learning more about the Gira range or have seen a product that would be well suited for a current or upcoming project? Contact a member of the My KNX Store team for more information.
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