Introducing the NEW Jung Smart Panel 8 Touchscreen

Introducing the new KNX Smart Panel 8 from Jung. Boasting both surface and flush mounted installations it provides a central control point of a KNX system. The KNX Smart Panel 8 also includes an app as standard allowing local control via smartphone and tablet devices. Paired with Jung’s extensive keypad design options this provides a complete front-end solution to any KNX system.

One of the key benefits of the Jung KNX Smart Panel 8 is that it is a native KNX device, meaning that is can be programmed directly via ETS. This differs to come competitor solutions which are programmed via brand specific software and require an IP router to be brought into the system.


  • Jung Smart Vision App included for local system control via smartphone and tablet devices (max 10 users).
  • Stand-alone solution that does not require its own server.
  • Portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Multifunctional system control (lighting, shading, heating, music, scenes and so much more).
  • Light and dark layout options.
  • Integrated proximity sensor and brightness sensor.
  • Pop-up and sound notifications.
  • Up to 300 control elements + scheduling functions.

Thanks to its simple operation and clear visualization, the Smart Panel 8 is ideal for the smart home, hotel and commercial settings where display functions can be tailored to the specific demands of each room or zone. This is especially beneficial for high use or traffic areas such as a family home / board room, or for short term users such as hotel guests.

Screen Navigation:

The Smart panel 8 touchscreen, and corresponding Smart Vision app, can be freely programmed to suit to preferences of the client and the functionality of the system. It provides a user-friendly navigation via three main display options, 1. Main Menu / Room Overview, 2. Individual Rooms and 3. Individual Functions.

The first level is the main menu / room level which shows up to six rooms in a design grid. Vertical scrolling shows further rooms with horizontal scrolling enables the first room or the last room to be shown. The second level is the display of specific rooms where the control elements within that specific room can be visualised. In this room view you can see functions such as dimming lights, switching on heating, lowering blinds and much more. The first tile shows the room itself with its name and central functions. Clicking on an element takes you to the detailed view of each individual function. This is the third and final level where you can operate each function easily and clearly, read the status, configure schedules, integrate the astro function and much more. A total of up to 300 elements or rooms can be created per Smart Panel 8.

The heart of the Smart Panel 8 is ‘The Launcher’. Here you have the option of starting other apps such as QuickSupport, Screencleaner or JUNG Camera. You can also install updates here or use the logo at the top right to call up the panel settings. The launcher can be easily assessed by briefly pressing the HOME button in the middle at the bottom of the Smart Panel 8.

Interested in learning more about the Jung KNX Smart Panel 8 or think this might be well suited or a current / upcoming project? Contact a member of the My KNX Store team for more information.

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