My KNX Store – MyDesign Brochure 2021

Supporting our customers in presenting KNX control solutions in their projects and finalising design specifications with their clients is a key focus at My KNX Store. To assist here, we offer a range of sample devices along with our exclusive Demo Cases which showcases a collection of fully operational keypad and thermostat designs to allow integrators, end-users, architects, developers and more to get hands on with products, see the colour finishes in person, feel touch responses and operate the LCD displays.

To further expand this support, we are excited to announce the launch of our new MyDesign Brochure which features a selection of keypad, thermostat, touchscreen and sever devices from our key suppliers, including ABB, Gira, Interra, Jung, Theben and Zennio. Available via an online link, and shortly a PDF file, this will allow our customers to easily present KNX design lines to their clients.

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