Introducing The Zennio ALLinBOX 88

Introducing the new Zennio ALLinBOX 88 which integrates various common system requirements as well as system management and monitoring via IP within one multifunctional unit. The ALLinBOX 88 includes a KNX power supply 320 mA, a KNX-IP Interface, a climate controller with up to 4 independent thermostats, a logical module and a multifunction actuator with 8 inputs and 8 outputs (16 A C-Load), which offer multiple configurations as individual outputs, shutter channels or fan coil controller. All packed within a unit with just 8-modules unit!

This provides an incredibly versatile unit which offers both cost-effective control and minimalises board space.

Functional Capacity:

  • KNX Power Supply of 320 mA with 29 VDC auxiliary output.
  • KNX-IP Interface that allows up to 5 parallel connections (KNXnet/IP tunneling), with a maximum APDU length of 254 bytes for much shorter downloads.
  • analogue-digital inputs.
  • 8 outputs (16A C-Load), which can be configured as:
    • Up to 8 individual ON/OFF outputs.
    • Up to 4 shutter channels.
    • 1 fan coil module, for 2-pipe or 4-pipe fan coils (on-off valves and three-point valves).

Main Features:

  • Scene temporization for the outputs.
  • Switching counter per relay.
  • 2 master light modules.
  • Climate controller with up to 4 thermostats.
  • Manual control of the outputs by means of an IR remote controller (available soon).
  • 20 independent multi-operation logical functions module.

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