Graduates from our July 2017 Fast Track Certification course

This month we are proud to welcome five new KNX Partners to the world of KNX who graduated at our in-house training academy in Gateshead.

KNX Partner certification is a global requirement for those wishing to design or install a KNX system. At My KNX Store we hold numerous Fast Track Certification courses throughout the year along with our advanced courses. Hosted by our experienced tutors our trainees achieve both an in-depth theoretical knowledge of the world and hand on experience in system design on our test rigs.

The popularity of KNX systems is extensive throughout Europe and is rapidly growing here in the UK. The KNX system allows forward and backwards compatibility and allows you to offer your clients the latest in home / building automation with the assurance that the technology will not be obsolete in a few years.

The benefits of using a KNX system are substantial, ranging from reduced installation time, easy changes to device / system functionality and reduced running costs. Are you looking into expanding into home / building automation or are interested in finding out more about the KNX world?

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