Jung 2020 Product Releases
Jung has always held a progressive position in the electrical and building control sectors and 2020 has proved to be no different with the release of various new units / finishes and upgrades to existing product lines. All of which further develop the Jung portfolio allowing a greater level of device capacity, security and overall personalisation.

Toggle Lever with integrated LED – LS 1912

The traditional styled toggle lever from Jung has always been a popular choice and allows the advanced complexity of a control system to be mirrored with a classical front-end design. The range offers a contemporary update with the addition of an integrated LED with orientation benefits.

Release date: July 2020

KNX Pushbutton F10

The Jung KNX Pushbutton F10 range has been designed to look like a classic light switch but masters intelligent KNX technology. The F10 range is available in a broad selection of finishes thanks to its compatibility with Jung’s A, AS, CD and LS ranges. In addition, functional control can be tailored per pushbutton location thanks to its pushbutton and rocker functions, in both one and two gang options, along with standard, universal and extension variants.

  • Supports KNX secure
  • Irrigated temperature sensor
  • Integrated bus coupler
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Universal variants allow extension module connection


New finishes – Matt Graphite Black and Matt Snow White

The colour options and combinations available within the Jung range has always been a popular draw for integrators and end-users alike as it allows front-end devices to seamlessly blend in with the building style or the design of each room. Later this year Jung is set to further expand their offering with the release of two new finishes, matt graphite black and matt snow white which will be available in all frame styles in both A and LS ranges.

Jung Server Updates

The Jung Smart Visu an Visu Pro Servers offers a tailored and user-friendly interface. Recent updates include:

  • System control through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa through speaker integration.
  • Visu Pro Server version 4.5 update note supports KNX Secure (now available).

For more information on the Jung Smart Visu Server Click Here

For more information on the Jung Visu Pro Server Click Here

The new power supply with IP interface

JUNG extends the system devices and brings two essential areas together. The new power supply (320 mA) with IP interface enables more efficient operation on several levels simultaneously. By combining both power supply and IP interface devices together within one unit is allowing an easier and more cost-effective system.

  • 320mA output with integrated choke
  • 8 tunnelling connections
  • Supports both KNX Data Secure & KNX IP Secure
  • Electrical separation between KNX and IP network
  • Module Size: 6

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New Range of Actuators

Ensuring the stability and ease of use of a control is key to all control systems. With Jung’s updated switch and blind actuators this has been further improvement.

  • New compact design with connection terminals at the top and bottom on the actuator for ease of installation
  • Actuator variants include 6. 16 and 24 channel options
  • Laser inscribed markings for improved device longevity
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Supports KNC Secure

For more information on the 6-gang actuator Click Here

For more information on the 16-gang actuator Click Here

For more information on the 24-gang actuator Click Here

Flexible charging with the JUNG USB charger

The JUNG USB chargers with USB-A ports are now also available in combination with a USB-C port. This enables flexible connection options with an electrical output of 15 watts such as smartwatches, Bluetooth headphones and smartphones. The new snap-on covers enable a flat and harmonious design for a seamless installation. This solution is compatible with both A and LS range frame styles and is currently available in all existing finishes. Later this year both matt graphite black and matt snow white are scheduled to be released.

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