JUNG F50: maximising functionality and personalisation

The new F50 pushbutton from JUNG is available in AS, A, CD and LS ranges and combine a sleek design with a high level of user personalisation. All ranges are available in standard and universal versions with 1, 2, 3 and 4-gang options providing a vast range of functionality. In addition, each unit can be combined with a pushbutton extension module expanding the functionality available providing control for the most complex of KNX systems.

Personalised button inscription

The F50 range offers an extensive labelling area providing simple and clear function allocation. In addition, the individual buttons can be customised maximising end-user control. The level of customisation can be further expanded with the colour labelling design feature ensuring a harmonious overall look.

LED customisation

In the universal version, the new pushbutton module has an operating LED and a status LED for each button, in RGB colours. As a result, each LED can be individually set in red, green or blue, entirely as desired. The operating LED can also provide light for orientation during night use. The brightness can be adjusted for all the LEDs, including the illuminated labelling area.

Optimised installation

The F50 pushbutton range is especially easy to install thanks to the flat shape and small amount of depth required for installation. The easily accessible connections for the KNX bus and the pushbutton extension module as a satellite unit are clearly marked and thus make installation easier.

F50 room temperature controller

The F50 room temperature controller is used to conveniently control the temperature of individual rooms. Its cover is provided with self-explanatory icons and coloured status and operation LED for optimum ease of use. The measurement of the room temperature along with the different operating modes (comfort, standby, night, and frost protection) ensures an optimum room temperature is always achieved.

The functionality of each pushbutton can be easily altered, from switching and dimming to blinds, transducers and scenes. As is the case with the F 50 pushbutton sensors, the new continuous controller can also be connected to the pushbutton sensor extension module for allowing for additional functionality.

The F50 room temperature controller is also available in the AS, A, CD and LS ranges, all in both a standard and universal version. With their recessed buttons and large design cover, they adopt the design concept of the F50 push-button sensors thus allowing control of all room functions to be implemented using the same appearance. The large variety of materials, colours, and shapes of these design series ensures that all F50 pushbuttons fit seamlessly into any design.

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