Light & Building 2018 Highlights

The Light and Building Show is a biennial event showcasing the latest products and upcoming releases in the light, electro-technology and building automation sectors. The My KNX Store always makes the trip to Frankfurt to support our leading suppliers, including Gira, ABB and Theben, who exhibit at the event.

“The Light and Building Show is a fantastic opportunity for our team to develop their knowledge of the latest KNX products on the market” said Paul Kinghorn, General Manager. “We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and the ability to offer our clients the latest options so this a key week in the calendar for us. The attendance numbers this year were considerably higher compared to 2016 reinforcing the increased expansion of the KNX system throughout the world”.

Our products of the week:

  • Ekinex Multi-sensor

The Ekinex multi-sensor 71 series detects values of temperature, relative humidity and CO2 equivalent concentration in an air mass. The device can act as a temperature regulator of a room or zone; it can also perform the regulation by thresholds of relative humidity and CO2 concentration. The frontal LEDs indicate if the device is in heating, cooling, dehumidification or CO2 threshold mode.

  • Steinel True Presence

Steinel’s new True Presence detector – the first detector for identifying human presence. It reliably detects presence and absence of people in a 64m2 area. The True Presence multi-sensor encompasses enhanced senses for brightness, room temperature, humidity, radial object distance, approaching and moving away, CO2, VOC and air pressure. With the additional options of the multi-sensor Air and Hallway sensor the True Presence range is the ideal solution for presence detection.

  • ABB BAC/S Building Automation Controller

ABB’s upcoming release of the new BAC/S building automation controller is highly anticipated and allows control of a vast array of automation functions. In addition to the devices output calculation, scheduling, data recording and specific device monitoring functions freely programmable modules within the BAC/S building automation controller can be created maximising its capability. This really is an all rounder when it comes to system control.