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My KNX Store we are committing to providing the latest KNX and building control solutions on the market to ensure not only a robust control system can be achieved and also one which is flexible and can be scaled for residential, commercial, hospitability and industrial installations. As part of this holistic service we also offer a range of affiliate control solutions in partnership with our key suppliers, including LUOXliving, Free@Home and Enet, that provide a great entry control platform and a steppingstone to a full KNX solution. In addition to this, various electrical / wiring accessories, CCTV and AV ranges are available within the My KNX Store stock portfolio.


As part of our Audio&Visual range we work closely with LitheAudio who offer a fantastic range of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Outdoor speakers and hold various design and product awards to their name. The LitheAudio range provides varying levels of speakers including single units, master/slave pairs along with All-In-One Multi-Room packages with outstanding sound and pairing quality.

Popular Products:

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Wireless 6.5″ Ceiling Speaker (PAIR – Master/Slave)

The LithAudio All-In-One Wireless Bluetooth 5 Ceiling Speakers combine an Amplifier, Bluetooth Receiver and a High-Quality Speaker to offer the ideal All-in-one Solution. Control a world of music at a touch with any Bluetooth device, streaming audio straight from any app. Compatible with Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify or any other audio streaming service, the LitheAudio All-in-one Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers never fail to deliver sound at the highest of clarity. IP44 Rated options are also available ideal for bathroom and wet room areas.

Lithe Audio Wi-Fi All-in-one Multi-room Ceiling Speaker (PAIR – Master/Slave)

The All-In-One Wireless Multi-Room Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers combine an Amplifier, Wi-Fi Receiver and a High-Quality Speaker. Multi-Room stream is also available with up to 30 master speakers using the Lithe Audio app (available on iOS and Android). Access of Spotify libraries, streaming from Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn or vTuner are also achievable all within the app for multi-room audio. The LitheAudio All-In-One Wireless Multi-Room Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers allow audio streaming from any app to any master speaker – offering complete flexibility. The Master & Passive Pair allows outputs to be configured into Mono Bridge or Stereo – for an even more impressive sound. IP44 Rated options are also available ideal for bathroom and wet room areas.

Lithe Audio All-in-one Bluetooth Outdoor Garden Rock Single Speaker

The unique LitheAudio rock speaker is perfect for entertaining outdoors. Combining high quality audio with exceptional design, this is the must have outdoor speaker solution for year-round outdoor audio. Just power up, connect the device, and let the good times rock.

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