Product release: Steinel SensIQ S motion detector

The Steniel SensIQ S KNX motion detector is a great addition for any KNX system, and with finishes in black, white and stainless steel will blend seamlessly into any installation.

The SensIQ S KNX is perfect in form and functional diversity. With 4 channels, it’s a multitalented performer in terms of controlling lighting and light level. Providing a coverage angle of 300°, it detects any movement within a maximum range of 20m.

Using control dials, the detection reach of the four pyro sensors can easily be scaled in three directions from 2 to 20 m both tangentially and in terms of temperature stabilisation – instead of using shrouds.Using the remote control, the functions of the SensIQ S KNX can be selected exactly as required in a matter of seconds.

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