Xxter Pairot: Voice control made easy

Dutch manufacturer Xxter, a producer of professional home automation products since 2006, offers a worldwide first to let Siri control the entire home. The Xxter Pairot is the first KNX certified bridge between a KNX system and Apple devices providing secure voice control of your home via Siri.

The Xxter Pairot is connected to the home network and the KNX installation by the installer. With simple configuration, all available components in the home can be voice controlled through Siri in Apple products including iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and AppleTV. The Pairot is also prepared to work with Apple’s new HomePod and can also be used with Amazon Echo, Alexa and Google Home and is Android compatible. The relevant mobile apps are available allowing easy user control and alterations of your home system.

“Siri, dim the lights in the Livingroom.” or “Alexa, we’re going to bed.” It’s that easy.

A range of user languages are available, and the following components are currently supported:


The Xxter Pairot provides free software updates allowing the user access to the latest security measures, privacy protection and new functions. All connections and data of the Pairot are encrypted using the latest encryption techniques, to make sure unauthorized people cannot gain access. Xxter itself also has no access to your home and treats your personal information with the greatest care. Your data is never shared with third parties and will only be used for the purpose for which you provided it. Your project information is stored with secured backups, to allow you to retrieve your data if you need to.

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