Product Launch: Zennio Z70 Touchscreen

Zennio has further expanded their KNX touchscreen portfolio with their new flagship Z70 device, available in 4 colour finishes and boasting a compact 7-inch colour display. It offers a central control point for a KNX system ideal for residential, commercial and hotel settings with a customisable interface across 12 display windows.

The Z70 touchscreen can be adapted to suit all tastes with various icon gallery options with both light and dark themes along with personalised icons to be uploaded for a truly tailored design. In addition to the expensive level of control which is included as standard, advanced levels of system control can be achieved through the Z70 smartphone and intercom licences.

Key Features

  • 7'' full-colour capacitive touch panel (1280x800 pixels)
  • Control of up to 114 functions and/or indicators
  • 12 customisable display windows
  • Horizontal orientation
  • 4 colour finishes
  • Loudspeakers for acoustic notifications
  • Proximity and luminosity sensor
  • Screensaver displays
  • Internal temperature probe, thermostat and 4 analog-digital inputs
  • USB and Ethernet port
  • Smartphone licence options
  • Door entry integration with Intercom licence

For more information contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

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