The ABB Millenium range: Ultra slim and personalised switching

Thanks to a combined system, the ABB Millenium series provides a comprehensive range of solutions for single rooms or whole building concepts. The square and ultra slim switches not only add quality and style to the overall building but are easy to install and offer personalised control.

ABB Millenium is based on a combinable concept which creates a very comprehensive range, suitable for a vast array of individual and combined functional requirements. This design and functional flexibility make it the ideal collection for residential and commercial building alike.

Homes: Its simple and minimalist design fits seamlessly into any architectural design. Thanks to its wide range of functions and benefits it provides a wealth of features and adaptable control.

Hotels: Millenium is especially suitable for hotel projects thanks to its modern design, fashionable materials and range of control to maximise the comfort of hotel guests in both personal and communal spaces.

Commercial: The Millenium collection offers elegance and distinction to multi-function commercial spaces including restaurants, coffee shops, stores and office blocks.

The complete ABB Millenium range is available at My KNX Store with UK and European delivery. For more information contact a member of the My KNX Store team today.

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