The new Gira Switch/Blind Actuators: Standard & Comfort models for scalable control

Gira has always held a progressive position in the building control / KNX sector and 2020 has provided to be no different. Despite the postponement of this years Light & Build event Gira has continued the scheduled releases of a range of new product lines, colour finishes and updates. The most recent of those updates is the anticipated launch of their new switch/blind actuators which now include standard and comfort models for scalable and cost-effective system control.

The Standard version is particularly suitable for residential buildings when used with the Gira X1 and for commercial installations that require a large number of actuators with only basic functions. The focus here is on quick start-up and an economic channel price.

The Comfort version, on the other hand, is characterised by a maximum of functionality and flexibility. Thanks to the large scope of functions, many functions can be used directly in the actuator itself. This not only saves time and nerves, but also reduces the bus load. In addition, a few simple clicks in the ETS now suffice for the actuator itself to take over even complex functions securely and reliably. In addition, both versions have a new DRA wiring concept. The connection terminals are now located on both sides of the housing instead of on top of each other, as previously.


  • Available in three designs: 6(1/3(2)-gang, 16(1/8(2)-gang and 24(1/12(2)-gang, in a Standard and Comfort version in each case. (** Switching (1) or Blinds(2))
  • Easy connection by means of optimised terminal strip on both sides of the housing.
  • Can be updated via Gira ETS Service App.
  • Clear context assistance in the application program.
  • Quick and easy start-up by means of an improved, redesigned ETS application program.
  • Manual operation with intelligent status display.
  • Possible extension of the scene auxiliary unit to include 64 scenes in the Comfort version.

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