The Zennio Lumento range for RGB and RGBW control

The Zennio Lumento range includes 5 variants for RBG and RGBW control with both constant voltage and constant current capacity along with in-field and DIN-rail mounting options. This allows advanced lighting control to be easily integrated within a KNX system and effectively tailored to each projects individual specification and installation requirements.

For constant current loads the Lumento C3 or Lumento C4 (“C” for current and 3/4 for the number of channels) is to be used. If constant voltage is needed, then either the Lumento X3 or Lumento X4 is required. Lastly the Lumento DX4 is the DIN rail mounted version for constant voltage control.

The Lumento range is caters for a wide spectrum of power ratings with up to 180W per channel @30VDC in the constant voltage (with the Lumento DX4) and up to 30W per channel @1,000mA in the constant current controllers. Furthermore, if you are unsure as to what device should be used or what is the maximum load for the one you have Zennio offer a unit calculator which provides a detailed technical breakdown. Click Here

Other features of the Lumento range includes colour temperature control, individual channel control or RGB(W) configurations, timers, flashing options, scenes, limits, adjustable dimming patterns and characteristic curves, error detection or even A/D inputs in the Lumento DX4.

Zennio also control further switching, dimming and Dali lighting control requirements. Browse their complete range via the links below.

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