Theben launches their KNX RF range

Theben is expanding its KNX product line with the anticpated release its new KNX RF flush-mounted actuators and media couplers. Not only does this further expand the flexibility of KNX installations but, due to encryption through KNX Data Secure, guarantees maximum data security for the end-user and effective protection against tapping and manipulation.

Theben’s RF portfolio comprises of a Universal Dimmer (DU 1 RF KNX), a Blind Actuator (JU 1 RF KNX) and a Switch Actuator (SU 1 RF KNX). All actuators have 2 external inputs for connecting buttons, a signal contact or a temperature sensor. This allows maximum flexibility and additional control elements in locations with restricted access and ideal for all retrofit projects.

The complete Theben RF range will be available at My KNX Store following its launch in November 2019. To browse the new line, for pre-orders or more information Click Here or contact a member of our team.

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