Vimar now available at My KNX Store

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Vimar who offer a wide range of both front and back-end KNX devices. Vimar are an Italian based company who have a global presence in both KNX and standard electrical markets across residential, commercial, health care, hospitality and industrial settings.

Our initial product launch will include Vimar’s Arke, Eikon Exe and Eikon Tactil ranges which boast both pushbutton and thermostat variants. Additional product launches will follow in Q4 2021 including their KNX back-end portfolio along with toggle switch and socket ranges.


The Vimar Arke range offers two variants, with and without integrated actuator, with the latter providing cost-effective localised control if required. Each variant is available in either 4 and 6-button configurations with the option of either plain or inscribed (text/symbol) inscriptions. Customisable button inscriptions are also available upon request. The Arke pushbutton also includes RGB LED orientation lighting with brightness control and is compatible with UK backbox installations.

Vimar also offer a rotary thermostat which is compatible with the Arke range allowing a consistent design across pushbutton and thermostat configurations. It boasts a digital display with RGB backlighting and is available in white and grey finishes.

Eikon Exe:

The Eikon Exe range boasts a ‘button press’ feel available in 4 and 6-button variants housed within a compact metal front plate. The buttons are once again available in either plain or inscribed (text/symbol) inscriptions. Customisable button inscriptions are again available upon request.

The same rotary thermostat included within the Arke range is also compatible with Eikon Exe configurations.

Eikon Tactil:

Vimar’s Eikon Tactil range offers various face plate designs including wood, leather, glass, stone and corian finishes providing an extensive range of personalisation for both traditional and contemporary preferences. [Our initial product launch includes glass front plate (white or black) designs only].

The Eikon Tactil range is comprised of 4 parts, the mechanical keypad, housing frame, front plate and button symbol sticker sets. The sticker sets provide a wide range of symbol options and are installed directly onto the mechanical keypad. This allows symbol configurations to be easily altered if the control requirements of that room or zone changes without the need to order a new customised front plate or button set.

Included within the Eikon Tactil range is a compact KNX Thermostat with digital display and two variants (fan and star) providing a consistent design across pushbutton and thermostat keypad locations. The Eikon Tactil thermostat comes as a complete unit requiring only an additional housing frame unit to complete the configuration. The front plate has a fixed icon design and is available in either white or black glass finishes.

For more information contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

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