2022 KNX Training Schedule

At My KNX Store we are committed to supporting the training requirements of both those new to KNX and experienced KNX system integrators who are looking to further develop their knowledge. Our Core and Focused Training modules detail a varied coverage from basic to advanced control elements to provide our trainees with the best knowledge base to design, install and maintain cost-effective and tailored KNX projects.

Core Training:

Our core training portfolio is comprised for four courses and provides a holistic offering from initial system introduction through to advanced system integration. Courses include our free KNX Taster course, popular KNX Partner Certification course, and HVAC & Energy Management along with KNX Advanced Certification Courses for more detailed levels of system control. For course breakdowns and upcoming dates see below.

KNX Taster Course:
  • Summary: This course offers a theoretical overview of the KNX protocol, its infrastructure and the benefits of KNX within the home automation, building control and BMS sectors.
  • Dates:
    • 20th January
    • 12th May
    • 15th September
  • Venue: Online
KNX Partner Certification:
  • Summary: This is the ideal course for those wishing to offer a KNX control solutions. Based on the KNX programming software, ETS, it is comprised of theoretical / practical workshops and breaks down how to design, install, program and troubleshoot a KNX system. This course focuses on switching, dimming, blind and scene control elements and concludes with two certification exams.
  • Dates / Venues:
    • 28-4th March (Brentford, London)
    • 25-29th April (Sunderland)
    • 15-19th August (Brentford, London)
    • 3-7th October (Sunderland)
KNX HVAC & Energy Monitoring:
  • Summary: In partnership with Zennio this course details the applications of scalable HVAC control and energy monitoring elements via KNX. Modules include an overview of HVAC systems, thermostatic control & thermostats, control solutions (for UFH & radiators, valves & boilers, fan coils, AC interfacing & zoning) and energy management & reporting.
  • Dates / Venues:
    • 31st March (Sunderland)
    • 21st July (Blackfriars, London)
KNX Advanced Certification:
  • Summary: This course provides a detailed breakdown of more complex KNX elements from heating & cooling and advanced lighting control (including Dali) to IP connections and weather station integration. Modules are presented via both theoretical and practical workshops concluding with two certification exams.
  • Dates / Venue:
    • 13-17th June (Sunderland)
    • 7-11th November (Brentford, London)

Focused Training:

In partnership with our key suppliers, including ABB, Gira, Jung, Theben and Zennio, our Focused Training promotes the various manufacturer specific training courses and webinars. Freely available these are a great way to learn more about targeted products / product ranges.


For more information and online bookings for both Core and Focused training modules Click Here or contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

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