Introducing the new Gira flush mounted actuators & sensors

The new flush mounted switch actuators and condensation / leakage sensors from Gira further expands the flexibility of their KNX portfolio providing both flexible installation and advanced system monitoring. All confirming for KNX Data Secure regulations.

Switching & Dimming Actuators:

The new Gira switching flush actuator offers two variants, a 1-gang and 2-gang unit, both include 3-binary inputs and the latter can be used as a 1-gang blind actuator.

Switching commands include closing and opening of the contact adjustable (no reaction, ON, OFF, TOGGLE). For blind functionality command for closing the contact and the operating concept can be parameterised. Times for short and long signal at input and slat adjustment are also adjustable.

Gira’s 1-gang (200W) dimming actuator provides a versatile field-based installation and again offers 3-binary inputs. Unit capacity caters for dimming of brightness and/or colour temperature. Features include command for closing the contact, time between switching and dimming, dimming in different steps, telegram repetition in case of long signal at the input, and sending of a stop telegram at the end of the dimming process all configurable.

Condensation & Leakage Sensors:

Both Condensation and Leakage sensors offer a compact solution for system management and alert triggering and is an extremely cost-effective option to oversee day-to-day operations.

Product Links:

  • KNX switching actuator 1-gang 16 A with binary input, 3-gang: Click Here
  • KNX switching actuator 2-gang / blind actuator 1-gang 16 A with 3-gang binary input: Click Here 
  • KNX dimming actuator 1-gang 200 W with 3-gang binary input: Click Here


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