ABB – Smart Metering with KNX

The term ‘Smart Metering’ refers to the use of intelligent energy meters and measuring instruments to make energy consumption in buildings transparent and fulfil automatic energy management. With the current energy prices smart metering will play an important role in understanding the energy usage within the building and help the end-user to save energy and minimise cost. Applications can be seen across both residential and commerical sectors including:

  • monthly billing
  • monitor buildings for damage or non-standard conditions (e.g. burst water pipes)
  • inform tenants about their consumption patterns, e.g. to save energy costs
  • issue energy bills at short notice, when there is a change of tenants
  • obtain comprehensive information about the use of energy in a building for the purpose of issuing an energy certificate
  • obtain information about the energy consumption patterns of several buildings or living units, e.g. in order optimize the distribution of energy and avoid peak loads


Within the ABB portfolio there are various devices that can achieve this monitoring/control within a KNX system.  

ZS/S1.1 Meter Interface Module MDRC

ABB’s Meter Interface Module ZS/S 1. converts telegrams from ABB energy meters for the DIN rail mounting meters into KNX telegrams. The device features an infrared interface which is used to read the data from ABB energy meter types A and B series meters. This data and values can be processed in a number of ways, e.g. in visualisation systems, energy management systems or for billing purposes. Different values and variables from the Meter Interface Module can be sent on the bus in dependence on the meter type used. Furthermore, meter functions such as tariff switching can be controlled via KNX, depending on the meter type used. The Meter Interface Module is a modular DIN rail device (2-module width) for installation in distribution boards. It is a native KNX device so programming is done via ETS without an additional software requirement. Connection to the KNX bus is established via the bus connection terminal.

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Energy Meter Options:

B21 112-100, Energy meter 'Steel', Modbus RS485, Single-phase, 5A

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B24 112-100, Energy meter 'Steel', Modbus RS485, Three-phase, 1A

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SA/S8.16.6.2 Switch Actuator, 8-fold, 16 A, C-Load, Energy Function, MDRC

The  ABB current detection switch actuators determines the active energy consumption per switching output. Which also  provides the total consumption of all three outputs. All meter values can be sent cyclically, on request or when a start or stop event has occurred such as a time, operating period or when a defined consumption threshold is reached. Additionally, when a stop event occurs, the assigned output can be switched off. For each channel, the active power, current and voltage as well as further electrical variables (apparent power, crest factor, power factor and frequency) can be measured. The measured values are made available via KNX. They can be monitored with threshold values. Should the threshold be exceeded or fall below a set threshold, a warning can be sent or a channel switched.

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