Gira One

Based on the globally established and certified KNX Smart Home standard, Gira One allows control of switching, dimming, blinds and combined scenes, integration with IP cameras, audio and third party devices along with further expansion to KNX if required.

Gira One offers a user-friendly client interface along with time-saving commissioning via the Gira Project Assistant (GPA) and is a great option for those which prefer a more ‘drag & drop’ style of programming or as a stepping stone to deploying KNX control solutions.

Key features:

  • Based on the globally established and certified KNX Smart Home standard.
  • Commissioning server for a maximum of 200 Gira One devices.
  • Group control (switching, dimming, blinds, roller shutters, awnings, roof windows, roof dome), scenes, IP camera, Sonos audio control, Philips hue, eNet SMART HOME.
  • Time-saving commissioning via the Gira Project Assistant (GPA) with step-by-step mode and video tutorials available.
  • Further expansion to KNX
  • Visualisation server for mobile devices (iOS, Mac OS and Android).
  • Straightforward integration of third-party systems such as Sonos or Philips Hue using the Gira Smart Home App.
  • Presence simulation.
  • Device communication encryption.
  • Extensive customisation options for users
  • Secure remote access



A versatile and atmospheric way to control the lighting to cater perfectly to whatever the user is doing – reading, eating, working, or relaxing. Settings are saved and can be activated again for each situation. Smart lighting such as Philips Hue is easy to add using the Gira Smart Home App.


Shutters and blinds can be raised or lowered as preferred: Down at sundown, for example, to maintain your privacy, or automatically up when there’s a storm to prevent damage. Convenient: move all blinds at the same time with just one click.

Climate control:

Fully automatic heating and cooling adapted to requirements helps save energy. The smart heating control registers that windows have been open for longer than usual when airing out a room, and automatically shuts down. Everything can also be configured remotely by smartphone using the Gira Smart Home App.

Sound from Sonos:

Users can add Sonos speakers on their own using the Gira Smart Home App, allowing them to play their favourite music directly. There’s even more that’s possible: Being woken in the morning by music and light, or starting up your favourite playlist by simply pressing a button.


Whether it’s remote access to IP security cameras at home, switching off all devices using one central button, straightforward creation of presence simulation, or activating a panic scene at the touch of a button: Gira One ensures a comforting feeling of security

Door communication:

The Gira G1 central operating unit can be used to control both Gira One and Gira door communication. Gira Keyless In makes keyless entry to the building possible. The Gira DCS App can be used when out and about to speak to visitors outside the building and even open the door for them.

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