ABB Tenton Keypad Range: With Commercial Buildings In-Mind
The Tenton Keypad range from ABB further expands their control portfolio and has been developed to specifically offer a multifunctional keypad for lighting, blinds and scene control along with extensive HVAC capacity. The latter conforming to the high standards now required within modern commercial buildings.

ABB-Tenton is part of the ClimaEco range which offers the most comprehensive KNX-based HVAC automation portfolio on the market. Keypads are available in both flush and surface mounted options and the range includes 8 and 12-gang variants without digital display and 6 and 10-gang variants with a digital display. All options are now available in white with grey metallic and matte black finishes to be realised later this year. In addition, due to its user-friendly and contemporary design the ABB Tenton range is also well suited for residential systems providing multifunctional points of control throughout the home. The range has been designed to improve energy efficiency in small to medium-sized functional buildings by up to 30% and meets the requirements of energy efficiency class A of the EU standard EN 15232. A range of freely programmable and preconfigured application-specific devices can also be easily added to existing KNX systems.

Main benefits:

  • High quality display with illumination for excellent readability
  • First room device with three functionalities in one device: control element, room temperature control and CO2 / humidity sensor
  • Clean and elegant design that fits perfectly into modern commercial buildings

Main features:

  • 3:1: CO2 / Humidity sensor, RTC and control element
  • Large Labelling field to make the buttons easier to control
  • Separate anti-theft protection (as seen in the ABB Tacteo range)
  • Integrated KNX bus coupler

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