Control your KNX system with the stylish Ekinex Touch & See

The Ekinex multifunctional Touch & See range offers personalised centralised control of a KNX system and includes two design variants, the Touch & See and Touch & See with integrated two-fold pushbutton.

By means of the 3.5-inch touchscreen and the graphical user interface it is possible to control a KNX system in an easy and intuitive way, display information coming from the KNX actuators / sensors and to perform as a room thermostat for a maximum of 4 independent zones. Each unit can also be specifically programmed to display and control a range of personalised scenes and music files. In addition, the Touch & See with integrated two-fold pushbutton allows on/off command of loads, the dimming of lighting devices, the control motor drives for shutters or the execution of any other programmable command and control function. The LEDs for both units can be chosen in a combination of either blue / green or red / white and can be designed with a no frame, form frame or flank frame configuration.

The option to freely configure frame and rocker finishes is a key strength of the Ekinex frame and allows the ability to seamlessly match all your Ekinex pushbutton, thermostat and touchscreens throughout the home / building or to have varying styles in different areas.

Main Characteristics

Touch & See

Touch & See with 2-fold pushbutton

3.5-inch touchscreen (320 x 240 pixel resolution)

Seven main graphic pages

Chronothermostat for up to

8 independent zones

4 independent zones

On/Off switching of single or groups of loads

Dimming of lighting devices

Control of motor drives (for roller shutters, blinds, curtains, etc.)

Status display of signal contacts (from safety devices, etc..)

Display of date and time from the internal clock or a KNX timer

Value display from a KNX weather station

Display of alarm messages

Recall and scene save function

Sending of values (temperature, brightness, etc.) on the bus

Function blocking with password

Temporarily locking function for screen cleaning

Integrated temperature sensor

Pushbutton 2-fold: On/Off switching of single or groups of loads

Pushbutton 2 -fold: Dimming of lighting devices

Pushbutton 2-fold: Control of motor devices

Pushbutton 2-fold: Recalling and saving scenes

Pushbutton 2-fold: Sending of values

Pushbutton 2-fold: Switching to forced functions (lock)

For more information and to add the Ekinex Touch & See to your basket Click Here

For more information and to add the Ekinex Touch & See with 2-fold pushbutton to your basket Click Here

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