Steinel True Presence: The digital sensor revolution
Steinel’s True Presence is their flagship detection range offering 3 design variants, The True Presence Sensor, the Multi-sensor Air and the True Presence Multi-sensor and is the world’s first true presence detector. All available at My KNX Store.

Based on extremely precise high-frequency measurements the True Presence range reliably detects the presence of a person no matter what this person is doing; walking, standing, sitting, reading, resting or sleeping providing essential information for existing or future building management. The presence of humans is indicated when 3-dimensional breathing patterns (micro-movement from vital functions) are detected along with the distance of the person to the sensor and the direction of movement. This level of detection is extremely beneficial in multi-occupancy buildings such as hotels when checking if rooms are free to service / clean and in the assisted living sector as it can monitor deviations from normal situations and problematic conditions. Its benefits can also be seen across various commercial buildings such as shopping centres, schools, cinemas, restaurants where effective evacuation of all areas / rooms is vital.

True Presence Sensor

Steinel’s True Presence Sensor is the little brother of the range and reliably detects the presence and absence of people over a 64 m² area; based on the body's micro movements as well as human vital functions, such as breathing in and out, or shoulder movement. For more information and to add to your basket

Multi-sensor Air

Good air makes people active and keeps them healthy. This extension of the True Presence family concentrates on the detection of temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOC), CO₂ and brightness. For more information and to add to your basket

True Presence Multi-sensor

The True Presence Multi-sensor is the most advanced unit within the range and combines the functionality of the True Presence Sensor and the Multi-sensor Air within one unit. For more information and to add to your basket

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