ETS Licence October Special Offer
Celebrating its 29th birthday the KNX Association is offering a 29% reduction throughout October on all ETS5 licences (Professional, Lite, Supplementary) and ETS Inside either on new licences or updates.

Terms & Conditions:

  • New ETS5 Professional/Supplementary/Lite, ETS Inside
  • Update to ETS5 Professional/Supplementary/Lite
  • This offer cannot be combined with other actions or voucher
  • Reduction only valid on the regular prices
Your voucher code: OCT2019ALLPRODY3NCRQHWR

What to do: Copy this code and follow the instructions indicated in the menu "MY ACCOUNT / VOUCHERS"

After entering this code, you can then order and use your voucher during the ordering process.

(*) Offer only valid for orders made on MyKNX - Offer valid until 31.10.2019

Popular Licence types:

ETS Lite – This is suitable for small to mid-range projects and allows a maximum of 20 devices to be programmed per project. RRP: €200

ETS Professional – Allows an unlimited number of devices to be programmed per project. RRP: €1,000

For any questions please contact a member of the My KNX Store team

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