Why Use KNX?
With many different control systems and smart home devices on the market it can be hard to know which one is best suited to your needs or which to trust. A lot of systems or products offer singular control of a specific function and if you require a complete building control multiple systems and apps have to be used; one for lighting, one for heating, one for blind control for example which can become costly and confusing. This is where KNX can help.

Complete home / building control

KNX offers complete building control where all functions can be controlled together. One system, one app, user friendly and personalised control. All devices are connected creating a dynamic and intuitive management system which can be designed to match the exact needs of a room, zone or building.

Open protocol

KNX is an open protocol system supported by other 450 manufacturers rather than a single brand. The benefit of this is not only a vast array of product choice but the reliability of all product lines. Every KNX product must undergo stringent testing before its it awarded KNX certification. This ensures all KNX products are made to the highest standard and allow interoperability between all manufacturers.

With single branded control systems if a product or product line is discontinued the functionality or style of that unit might be unavailable for a direct or alternative replacement. With KNX, if a unit replacement is required there is the option to simply draw from a product range of another manufacturer. No rush, no stress. Quick and easy.

Flexible and futureproof design

With wired, wireless, IP and Powerline installation options a KNX system is ideal for both new build and retrofit projects. All installation types can also be combined together allowing systems to be easily expanded, such and an extension being added to a home or the expansion of an office block.

All KNX devices are programmed via a centralised software meaning that regardless of type or brand of devices used the same programming procedures are used. If the functionality of a room or zone changes then the devices can be simply programmed without the need for any replacements. Or, if a front-end device or functional upgrade is required then the new units can be easily added to the current system without the need for intrusive refurbishments.

Unparalleled product choice

With an unparalleled range of products each system can be designed to meet the exact functionality, budget and style required. Some control systems only offer a limited range of devices and this can problematic when the options available do not match a client’s budget and design preference. With KNX you are able to not only personally configure keypad, thermostats and touchscreens but also combine keypads from different manufacturers within one system to create a truly unique system.

Cost-effective functionality

The benefit of the vast product choice is not only beneficial for front-end devices but also back-end control units. Depending on the level or type of functionality required specific units can be selected to match the needs of each system. This can drastically reduce the cost of a system as it avoids overpaying for higher capacity units when the functionality is not required.

Interested in learning more?

Are you an end-user looking to install a control system in your home or next refurbishment, an electrician looking to get into the smart home industry or a smart home installer looking to expand the control solution you can offer your clients? Contact a member of the My KNX Store team to see how we can help.

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