Gira X1 and Amazon Alexa voice control

Amazon’s Alexa searches the web for music, reads out messages, and informs you of the weather conditions. The next logical step is obvious: control of intelligent building functions. This will soon be possible with the upcoming X1 update from Gira via its link to the Gira X1 server. Lights will obey your every word, blinds move on demand and you can call up entire scenes with simple programmed phrases.

Pairing is quick and uncomplicated. The additional benefit of controlling your system through Amazon’s Alexa is that control is still possible even if you don’t have your tablet or smartphone with the Gira X1 app to hand. Walking from room to room with your hands full or you wish to set your TV scene, but your tablet or smartphone has run out of battery? With the Alexa connection you have direct access to your home / building system without being shackled to the X1 app. Alexa is securely connected with the Gira X1 via the Gira S1. Many functions that were parametrised in Gira X1 are now available for Alexa as a result. Please remember that the Gira S1 is required to operate Amazon's voice control using the Gira X1 Server.

To control your Smart Home with the Gira X1, say for example:

  • ""Alexa, turn on the light in the hallway.""
  • ""Alexa, dim the ceiling light by 70%.""
  • ""Alexa, set the bedroom to warm white.""
  • ""Alexa, make the living room light red.""
  • ""Alexa, set the blinds in the kitchen to 25%.""

This Gira X1 update will be available from June this year so speak to a member of our sales team today and find out how you can use the X1 in your next installation.

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