The stunning glass multifunctional Tacteo sensor from ABB

The ABB Tacteo KNX sensor is a multi-functional control element for the intelligent building automation of high-end luxury hotels, offices and public and residential buildings. This KNX sensor meets all the requirements that a modern design demands offering the highest level of quality and comfort. From blinds, lighting and heating to media and access, everything is easy to control.

If you are an architect planning a building which requires maximum functionality with a personal touch, or a home owner that desires the highest level of home automation and control the ABB Tacteo is the perfect choice. The number of functions is variable and can be determined according to your specific needs and wishes. Individually configured as required, each sensor is unique in both design and function.

Main benefits

  • Individually-configurable control element
  • Extreme flat design with a mounting height of only 9.5 mm
  • Including hotel access control products

Main features

  • Sensor including a proximity sensor
  • Including ABB’s colour concept for more intuitive operation
  • With removal protection as security feature against theft

Available Dimensions

  • 86mm x 86 mm
  • 86mm x 115mm
  • 115mm x 86mm
  • 157mm x 86mm

The ABB Tacteo is out now. If you are interested in purchasing this item and would like more product information, contact our sales team today.

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