New Steinel True Presence Detector range

The True Presence range combines revolutionary technology with an enhanced sensor design on a digital basis. With its sleek lines and compact finish, the True Presence family blends seamlessly into any system and starts a new era in building technology detection. With Steinel’s 5-year warranty on the entire range you can rest assured when you integrate a True Presence detector into your KNX system.

The combination of a highly sensitive antenna with unique sensor software results in 100% human detection through 3-dimensional breathing pattern recognition. In addition, the distances of the person to the sensor, the movement vector and the body posture is also registered. Due to the advanced parameters of each device an additional stay on time is no longer required and with app / Bluetooth access end-user control is maximised.

With four options available within the True Presence family the level / type of detection can be easily tailored to maximise the functionality and efficiency of the whole system.

True Presence – the first true presence detector

The True Presence detector from Steinel is the first detector for identifying human presence, making it the ideal choice for care homes, supported living and the medical sector. It reliably detects presence and absence of people in a 64m2 area. At a previously unattainable 177m2, it has even been possible to triple its total presence detection zone over conventional presence detectors.

True Presence Multi-sensor KNX

There are no secrets with the True Presence Multi-sensor. With enhanced senses for brightness, room temperature, humidity, radial object distance, approaching and moving away, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and air pressure offers advanced building management.

Multi-sensor Air KNX – concentrating on a healthy interior climate

The True Presence Multi-sensor Air KNX specialises in air, brightness and temperature detection. With 6 sensor detection variables, Bluetooth configuration and a KNX interface for easy integration the Multi-sensor Air KNX from Steinel allows easy control of air conditions.

Hallway – the specialist for long hallways and aisles

The better hallway sensor knows more. The Steinel Hallway detector detects the movement vector as well as if someone is on the left or the right with a detection zone of 25m. Naturally, the reach can be adjusted in both directions. The Hallway detector from Steinel provides more information than any other hallway sensor and with surface mounted, concealed and concealed KNX installation options product selection has never been easier. In addition, Bluetooth technology ensures that the Hallway can be configured and interconnected into existing networks conveniently.

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