Efficient HVAC control from the ABB ClimaECO range

The established ABB ClimaECO portfolio allows for flexible system design, targeted functionality and extensive control of HVAC solutions. With energy savings of up to 30%, an ABB ClimaECO HVAC system is the ideal solution for any KNX system which requires efficient and adaptive heating / cooling control.

Efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning in one system - ABB ClimaECO range is the holistic HVAC automation solution based on ABB i-bus KNX. Upcoming ClimaECO range product release dates:


Analog room control units (SAR/A&SAF/A) - More details to follow

Fan coil controller (FCC/S) - Control of the complete spectrum of Fan Coil Units. Successor to the FCA/S series with integrated Room Temperature Controller. Support of variable 0-10V fans. Support of 6-way valves.


Boiler, chiller interface (BCI/S) - For interfacing to the controllers of self-contained boilers or chillers to monitor and control them. Interfacing by standard analogue signals. Pump switching. Support for heat pumps.

ClimaEco sensors (SBS/U) - More details to follow

Value drive controller (VC/S) - Valve control for radiator, floor heating and cooling ceiling applications with integrated room temperature controller and integrated inputs for sensors.

Heating / cooling circuit controller (HCC/S) - Control of distribution circuits for heating or cooling based on the room demand. For 3-point or 0-10V valve drives. Support for double-pumps. Inputs for all required sensors.


Application controller (AC/S) - Run predefined Automation Modules for a holistic HVAC Automation Solution from Central HVAC to Room. For example, Heat Demand Calculation, Schedules and Trends Logs. With WebUI for Operation. Own Automation Modules can be created by a graphical Logic Editor. Variant with embedded KNX-BACnet Gateway for integration of KNX into BACnet Systems.


Building automation controller (BAC/S) - Advanced freely-programmable KNX Building. Automation Controller. Easy creation and reuse of automation software by IEC 61131-3 programming languages in ABB Automation Builder based on established Codesys Software. Seamless integrated in KNX and ETS. Modular extension of In / Outputs.

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