Steinel's iHF 3D motion detector takes gold

Congratulations to Steinel, one of our key suppliers, on being awarded the German Innovation Award (gold) for their iHF 3D motion detector.

The iHF 3D, the first high-frequency motion detector for outdoors, is a technological quantum leap. The use of intelligent high-frequency technology puts an end to inadvertent triggering once and for all. The iHF 3D confidently distinguishes between people and animals and with an intuitive detection zone does not respond to passing cars or the neighbours but only when someone enters your own property.

With innovative technology it permits exact adjustment of the detection zone in all directions. Walking direction is now immaterial: no matter whether the sensor is approached from the side or directly from the front – within the detection zone, the iHF 3D reliably detects any movement.

Tailored detection zones:

Steinel sensors and sensor-switched lights are very easy to control via remote control and the associated app. For this, a smartphone or tablet is placed on the Smart Remote and connected via Bluetooth. An infrared interface permits communication with the sensors and lights. It doesn't get any smarter than that!

With a sleek and contemporary finish, and available in anthracite black and white, the Steinel iHF 3D is the perfect addition to any building. For further product information and to add to your basket Click Here

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