Introducing the new Steinel Multi-Sensor Aerosol KNX

With the increased awareness of air quality and infection risk in both private and public buildings due to the Covid-19 pandemic the demand for such monitoring devices has never been higher. Via the KNX control platform and the new Steinel Multi-sensor Aerosol KNX indoor air quality can be easily monitored, visualised and regulated across residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality and assisted living sectors.

The Steinel Multi-Sensor Aerosol range permanently analyses the air quality in indoor spaces which can drastically improve the living / working conditions of its inhabitants. As Covid-19 remains part of our day to day lives the potential risk of infection is high on everyone's agenda. For the first time, this value can be issued as a communication object for KNX. To enable this, the levels of CO2, air temperature and humidity are measured. Moreover, the True Presence® technology can determine the last time the room was used. The level of risk issued is based on research by the Hermann-Rietschel Institute at the Technical University of Berlin.

Two variants are available, the Multi-Sensor Aerosol KNX and the Multi-Sensor True Presence Multi-Sensor Aerosol KNX. Both offer monitoring of lighting levels, temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, air pressure and now injection risk, with True Presence variant offering advanced human presence functions.


Steinel True Presence Multisensor Aerosol KNX (STE079208) Click Here

Steinel Multisensor Aerosol KNX (STE079192) Click Here


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