Introducing the new Zennio KEM - KNX Energy Monitor

With ever increasing energy rates the demand for efficient control and management of residential, commercial and office environments have never been more apparent. The Zennio KEM - KNX Energy Monitor helps to not only save energy but also allows a more sustainable space thanks to its energy monitoring functionality and a system of consumption alarms and notifications.

This device monitors electricity and water consumption, as well as heating/cooling energy consumption for up to 2 climate systems. It has 3 channels to monitor electricity consumption (max 20 A), 4 channels to connect turbine flow meters (max 15 mA at 5 VDC) and 5 analog-digital inputs to connect flow and return water temperature probes. It also includes 10 logical functions, consumption dependent notifications and alarms. The 5 VDC power output can supply power for the connected flow meters.


Key features:

  • Power and energy estimation: up to 3 circuits
  • Water consumption estimation: up to 4 channels
  • Estimation of heat consumption: up to 2 energy modules
  • 3 registers for data storage
  • Possibility of synchronizing to a KNX system clock
  • 5 analog/digital inputs
  • 10 logic functions
  • Total data saving on KNX bus failure
  • Integrated KNX BCU (TP1-256)
  • Dimensions 67 x 90 x 79 mm (4.5 DIN units)

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