MDT – New releases & updates Part 2

This blog details the 2nd installment of our MDT product feature and showcases the new functions of their Push-button Smart 86 keypad, the capacity of their Glass Room Temperature Controller Smart thermostat, the new LED controller, CO2 / VOC Combi Sensor and their flush mounted switch actuators. Available now / coming soon to My KNX Store.

Push-button Smart 86:

MDT’s Push-button Smart 86 now offers a range of additional functions, listed below, and is also available in with and without temperature sensor variants.

  • Innovative group control with long / extra-long operation
  • New mapping function for convenient function allocation
  • Extended info display with up to 3 lines and up to 6 measured values
  • Modern Icons (Icon upload)
  • Slap function with new range of functions

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Glass Room Temperature Controller Smart:

The MDT Glass Room Temperature Controller Smart is available in both white and black variants and provides a user-friendly interface to visualise set and actual temperatures, set point adjustment, mode status and fan coil control.

Key features:

  • Active colour display to indicate function and status
  • Background colour w / b and display brightness adjustable
  • Display of set and actual temperature
  • For indoor temperature controlling Range -10 to +50 °C
  • Selectable temperature controller (PI, two-position, PWM)
  • Operation as room temperature extension unit possible
  • Simple setpoint adjustment via separate + / - buttons
  • 1 Bit + / -, 1 Byte or 2 Byte absolute object for setpoint adjustment
  • Setpoint values are stored on bus voltage failure
  • Limit values min / max, frost protection alarm, min / max memory
  • Operation mode can be set via Bit / Byte objects
  • Ventilation control by hand or automatic operation

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LED Controller CC/CV 60 W / 230 V 2-channel:

The demand for and control off LED lighting is becoming an integral requirement in most projects and the efficient control of LED stripes is essential. MDT’s new LED Controller provides optimal hybrid dimming from 0.2-100%, caters for tunable white control and includes an integrated power supply. 

Key features:

  • Comprehensive Application
  • Absolute and relative Dimming
  • Optimised Hybrid dimming for a better Light quality
  • Dim range von 0,2 % to 100 %
  • Perfect dim behaviour over the entire dimming range
  • Integrated power supply
  • Maximum output power 60 W over both channels
  • Tunable White colour temperature control
  • Selectable Dim curve
  • Individual Sequences
  • Operation mode: 2x white, Tunable White
  • Automatic colour temperature control Dim2Warm
  • Dynamic daylight control HCL
  • Automatic time dependent dimming
  • Day / Night Function
  • Overcurrent and temperature monitoring

Coming soon: Q2/23


CO2 / VOC Combi Sensor 55:

In addition to the measuring channels for CO2 and VOC, the combi-sensor also records the room temperature and relative humidity. With these measured values, it is able to control temperature and air quality. The air quality traffic light alerts you to excessive CO2 or VOC concentrations in the room. VOC is the abbreviation for volatile organic compounds, which can be produced during evaporation at room temperature and impair the quality of the room air.

Key features:

  • Combi sensor for measuring the CO2 and mixed gas concentration (VOC), room temperature and relative humidity
  • Upper and lower threshold value adjustable for each measured value
  • Air quality control function adjustable as step / PI controller for CO2 or VOC sensor
  • 4 step controllers with 1 Bit output or 1 Byte output with adjustable thresholds
  • PI controller with externally adjustable setpoint and adjustable control parameters
  • Air quality lamp function adjustable to CO2 or VOC sensor with 4 colour channels and adjustable 1 Bit / scene / RGB or HSV output objects
  • Installation in windproof flush-mounted box with supplied support ring
  • Supply via KNX bus without auxiliary voltage

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Flush mounted switch actuators:

Flush mounted devices are an extremely cost effective and flexible way to fulfil specific project requirements, either at the either design stages or as a post install addition. MDT offer two switch actuator variants which include extended logic and scene functions.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive application
  • NO and NC contact operation
  • Extended status functions (inverted, cyclic, with block)
  • Time functions (switch-on / switch-off delay)
  • Extensive staircase light and impulse functions
  • Extended logic and scene functions
  • Threshold switch (Byte / 2 Byte / 2 Byte float)
  • Hour meter for switching
  • Priority / forced operation with automatic release time
  • Quick application download (long frame support from ETS 5)
  • Flush mounted in an installation box
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 41 mm x 41 mm x 22 mm

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Product link: 2-fold Click Here


For more information contact a member of the My KNX store team.

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