KNX RF solutions with the new Gira top units

The wireless operating top units from the Gira KNX RF system are easy to mount and can turn a conventional electrical installation into a KNX RF system. Existing System 3000 switches and buttons for light or blind control can be replaced by KNX RF wireless operating top units. Simply remove the existing operating top unit and replace it with the KNX RF wireless operating top unit.

Replacing the Gira System 3000 top units is an easy way to get started with a wireless-controlled Smart Home, even when retrofitting. Wireless operation offers many advantages. If lights and blinds are operated with a hand-held wireless transmitter, for example, this can be done over a greater range, such as from the garden or bedroom. The Gira KNX RF wireless operating top unit can also be configured so that all the blinds on a floor are raised or lowered at the same time, for example. Entire scenes can even be controlled with a tap of the finger. Connecting the system to a Gira X1 server makes even more functions and operations possible, including mobile control via the app.

The RF operating top unit can be operated with the System 3000 three-wire auxiliary unit as a KNX RF operating device powered by 230 V. order no. GIR540900.


Operation on switching, dimming, blind or room temperature controller insert, as well as the System 3000 three-wire auxiliary insert.

Integrated temperature sensor.

Integrated repeater mode.

KNX Data Secure compatible.

Room temperature measurement

The RF operating top unit has an internal temperature sensor, which makes it possible to measure and forward the local room temperature.

Temperature measurements are only possible in combination with the following inserts: Order no. GIR540300, order no. GIR540500, order no. GIR540600, order no. GIR541400, order no. GIR541500, order no. GIR539500, order no. GIR540900.


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