Introducing the NEW Zennio Z50 & Z100 Touchscreen

Zennio has held a progressive position in the KNX touchscreen market with their Z range. This includes the versatile Z41 touchscreen with various models on offer allowing the functionality to be tailored to the requirements of each system. From the cost-effective ‘Lite’, to the ‘Pro’ with an integrated app and ‘Com’ for user-friendly door entry.

In more recent years Zennio launched their Z35 and Z40 touchscreens which provide a compact central point of control and at an extremely competitive price point. A key benefit of the Z35 and Z40 devices is that due to this price point they allow design consistency to be easily achieved throughout the property. No longer are you limited to one high value touchscreen positioned in a single area but have the option to implement numerous touchscreen devices throughout the system and in a way which caters for a wide spectrum of budgets.  

Last year Zennio further extended their Z Range to include their flagship Z70 device. Available in 4 colour finishes and boasting a compact 7-inch colour display it is extremely well suited across residential, commercial and hotel settings with a customisable page navigation.

We are now very excited to announce the upcoming launch of two further models to this range, the Z50 and Z100, and we predict they will be extremely popular within the market. See full details below.


Of the Z50, Z70 and Z100 devices and the Z50 boasts the most compact profile with a 5-inch display. It allows up to 96 elements to be controlled across a 12-page navigation along with remote control, door entry and voice control (Google & Alexa) via selected Zennio licences. The Z50 is available in four colour finishes (white / gloss white / silver / black) and also includes 2-inputs, an integrated temperature probe along with luminosity and proximity sensors.   


The Z70 touchscreen offers a 7-inch display, the control of 144 elements and provides the same integration of remote, door entry and voice control seen within the Z50 device. The Z70 is also available in same four colour finishes, includes a temperature probe, luminosity and proximity sensor and offers 4-inputs for the additional integration of presence detectors, temperature probes or dry contacts. For more details and orders Click Here


The new Z100 touchscreen now holds the flagship position within the Z range and boasts the largest 10-inch display. The Z100 also provides the greatest number of functional elements to be controlled (x180) across a 12-page navigation with the option of both 4x5 or 3x4 button page configurations. Remote control (Google & Alexa), door entry and voice control are again available within the via selected Zennio licences. Regarding further integration, the Z100 allows additional presence detectors, temperature probes or dry contacts to be utilised via 4 inputs and comes with an built-in luminosity and proximity sensor (*integrated temperature probe not included).

Launch Date:

Please note this is a pre-release of the Z50 and Z100 devices and they are not yet available within the market. Expected launch date to be confirmed.

If you are interested in the Z50 and Z100 touchscreens for a current or pipeline project, please contact a member of the My KNX Store team directly.

T: 0191 497 0777