The new generation LED Controllers from Jung

Jung have now launched their new generation of KNX LED controllers which provide precise LED control ideal RGB lighting. With flexible programming and installation both variants are well suited for a wide range of building settings, from ambient lighting in the home and restaurants to shops and hotels.

Each variant allows control of low-voltage LEDs without a control transformer using pulse width modulation (PWM) such as LED spots, LED stripes, RGB(W), tunable white or RGB+CCT lights. Both an in-field and din rail variant are available for flexible installation, colours can be mixed as desired, the brightness freely adjustable and the lighting effect varied as a sequence. With their 5 controllable channels and an operating voltage of 5 volts to 48 volts, the KNX LED controllers offer a wide spectrum of controlling LED lamps.

RGB+CCT LED strips contain a combination of RGB and warm & cool white LEDs (CCT). In other words, intensive colour effects and an infinitely adjustable colour temperature can be achieved with just one band. In addition to many other functions, the control according to Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is also included in the applications. In this way, the KNX system automatically controls the light according to the position of the sun - and that has a positive effect on health. At the same time, the energy consumption is measured and displayed including the energy costs. To do this, customers conveniently enter the energy price via the Smart Visu Server, the Smart Panel 8 or JUNG Visu Pro.

Key features:

  • Five dimming channels, all with energy measurement and energy cost output
  • Fully dynamic load distribution of all channels up to 480 watts
  • Integrated display for easier commissioning
  • Unique protection (overheating, overvoltage) for the device, the LED power supply and the LED bulbs
  • KNX Data Secure
  • Clock controlled dimming (HCL)
  • Extended range of functions such as day/night function, staircase function, Dim2warm and Astro clock
  • In-field and din-rail option


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