KNX software training for Control4 Dealers

With the new KNX-Control4 solution and Control4 KNX product line announced at the September CEDIA Expo the integration between these two systems has never been easier. This has not only expanded the product range of the KNX protocol but allows those already working with Control4 the opportunity to maximise the level of control with a combined system.

The Control4 KNX product line includes over 100 products with lighting, HVAC, blinds and rollers, keypads, frames, and bus management products, all of which are easy to install and program using the KNX software tool.

“But as a Control4 Dealer what does this mean for me?”

To work with the Control4 KNX product range you will require an in-depth knowledge of the KNX programming software. This is where we can help. At My KNX Store we specialise in KNX training courses and with both theoretical and practical workshops our trainees develop an extensive knowledge of how to design and program a system using the KNX software.

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