KNX Taster Course Dates Confirmed

At My KNX Store we understand that attending the full KNX Partner Certification course straight away in a big financial and time commitment for those who initially just want to see if KNX is a control system they would like to offer / work with.

To help with this we have designed our exclusive 4-hour KNX Taster course. This offers a theoretical overview of the KNX protocol, its infrastructure and the benefits of KNX within the home automation, building control and BMS sectors. Course details are as follows:

Course Modules

Course Duration

Dates & Venue

A History of KNX

4 Hours

Tuesday 6th August 2019

System Infrastructure & Topology

10:00 – 14:30

My KNX Store HQ, NE11 0QD

Functional Control


Tuesday 8th October 2019

KNX Products

My KNX Store HQ, NE11 0QD

System Examples

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What is KNX?

KNX is the world’s leading open protocol for home and building control supported by other 450 manufacturers. One of the key benefits is the extensive range of KNX devices ensuring the desired switch, touchscreen and keypad style can always be achieved across the residential, commercial, industrial and assisted living sectors. This is what sets KNX apart from other control systems as if the client / end-user does not like the product range of a single branded system the project can be easily lost. Whereas with KNX a different product line / manufacturer can be simply offered until the style preference is achieved.

In addition, as all devices conform with the KNX standard, a system can be comprised of a mixture KNX manufacturers ensuring a cost-effective and personalised system. A KNX system can be installed either as a wired, wireless or combination providing suitable options for both new build and retrofit projects.

Regardless of installation type all KNX devices are programmed via a standardised programming tool, ETS, allowing on and off-site commissioning. If the functional requirements of the system change, or the client wants to change to upgrade to a new product range, the relevant devices can easily be reprogrammed or replaced without invasive rewiring or redesigns.

For more information contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

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