KNX UK – Supporting the KNX industry

The benefits of the KNX building control solutions can be seen globally across the residential, commercial, industrial and assisted living sectors over the last 30-years. Due to being a control protocol supported by various governing bodies and over 500 manufacturers rather than a single branded company the KNX support infrastructure around the world is as equally extensive.

Here in the UK, we are lucky to be supported by the KNX UK Association which provides a support and promotional network of KNX integrators, distributors and training centres, manufacturers and more. An organisation we work closely with, the KNX UK Association holds a vital position in both supporting those already working with the KNX industry and promoting its benefits of KNX to a wider audience.

KNX UK Membership benefits include:

  • Online company promotion
  • Project exposure
  • Industry & Networking events
  • KNX Documentation
  • And more…

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